Depression And Anxiety Aren’t Your Identity.

Depression and anxiety are very real challenges in today’s world. Have you ever been around what seems like 1 million people and feel like you’re nothing but alone inside? I’ve been there. It’s a dark place. A place of insecurity, and depression.

Looking around and seeing so many faces only to feel lost in the crowd. It is not abnormal, there are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people around the globe right now suffering from the same feeling of loneliness.

Don’t HIDE IT AND NEVER BE ASHAMED OF IT. Tell someone, like right now. You aren’t alone and you never will be.  You have so much potential and a purpose in your life, whether you see it or not.

Anxiety is tough. It can physically drain you and make you feel belittled if you let it. But always remember, Anxiety is a symptom… Depression is a feeling and neither one of them are your identity.

They CAN be treated and you CAN get better. That feeling of panic in your chest that makes you sick to your stomach and that vision of a blurry road will soon clear up. You won’t feel it forever.

That feeling of emptiness and a life of what seems like constant misery will go away. Because that’s what faith can do. When you believe that your faith will win, it will. Jesus can heal your darkest thoughts and deepest misery. He died to ensure your life in eternity! He loves you and will never let you go.

So whether you have faith in Jesus or are still fighting to find the truth, I’m standing with you and praying with you. I encourage you to reach out to a trusted friend, parent, teacher or pastor and seek treatment.

We are losing so many to suicide and HAVE to get BETTER TOGETHER! Reach out, fight together and pursue GREATNESS!

“You are special, you are loved, a perfect reflection of Heaven above. God makes no mistakes, YOU ARE A MIRACLE STORY.” – Matty Mullins.

You truly can succeed in any aspect of your life as long as you believe in yourself, never give up and follow your faith through your actions. God can change you and I believe He will… Once you make up your mind to get better and pursue greatness.

Dear creator, keep creating.

When first creating your own personal brand and/or trying to create content daily, you may feel a sigh of satisfaction and really good about yourself. Millions will start, but who will actually go on the full journey to create the content that changes your generation?

"Yes! I'm finally taking the initiative to get my message out!"

But, it isn't always sunflowers and rainbows.

Creating a platform and staying on top of your brand is hard! Writing blogs, creating video content, graphic design, marketing, social media... The list of priorities keeps going on and on and on! And I'm not complaining at all, I love what I do, but, I do want to encourage you if you're struggling today.

Keep fighting through the fear of failure and the rejections and persecutions you may face. You'll never feel satisfied until you make the mental shift and tell yourself that God made you for more than a 9-5... He made you to lead others to the light.

A letter from the author:

Dear content creators,

You are more than your numbers. You're worth more than a post, tweet, video or article. I know it's hard sometimes!

Your role is NOT easy. Getting rejected for certain projects, not reaching the audience you're aiming for, gaining and losing friends over your message. It can be hard. But if you love what you're doing and are finding Jesus more and more within your creativity AND your personal life, NEVER let slow days or unliked posts leave you empty.

You are NOT your numbers and you have a purpose! Love what you do and keep PRESSING FORWARD.

I believe in you. Don't give up.



Bring Peace Into Your Broken Soul

In times of panic, find your hiding place where it's just you and God and seek healing in prayer.

Peace isn’t easy

When living with depression or just flat out self-doubt, it can be hard to find peace in your everyday lifestyle. Whether you’re out with friends, putting in hours at work or simply reading an article online… you can still feel the pain in your heart. Making sense of the hardships can be hard as you might have accidentally done something to hurt another or potentially didn’t do anything at all and you just feel the extreme sense of guilt rushing through your body and there seems to be nothing causing it and nothing curing it…

Peace is possible

You can house all of the fear and guilt you want to but that doesn’t cover up the fact that Jesus. loves you and can take that fear away from you. He died for this very reason… to ensure our eternity and forgiveness are kept safe as time moves forward. So whether it is you that is struggling or someone you love and care about, remember that Jesus loves you and is the cure for the heartbreak.

Addressing your anxieties

Panic and anxiety can cripple you and make you feel SICK to your stomach, but that is the only temporary. Always remember that… While the symptoms can continue, the feelings will come and go. It isn’t a forever feeling like the love of the Father. In these times of panic and pain, retreat. Go find your hiding place where it is just you and God and seek healing in prayer. Simply make yourself available for healing. With pain comes emotions, with emotions comes heartache, with heartache comes the need for a savior and with the admission of need comes healing.

The journey to a better tomorrow

One thing that I know for a fact that will definitely help you in your journey to healing your soul is finding that comfort in your Heavenly Father. He will be your strongest source of healing and your longterm source of strength… His hand will never leave you. Another thing is to adjust your mindset. Your mindset can be a GAME CHANGER for you in your venture towards healing. Your mind can play tricks on you and defeat you at times, but what if you tricked your own brain?

Start with this simple tool. When you know something that is supposed to upset you or cause you to stumble comes around, force yourself to find peace in your mind and tell yourself that you will NOT let this affect your day. Force that hardship to fall and trust that your sanity and pursuit is better than whatever is going on around you… You are special and unique and are worth so much more than you can ever imagine! Keep being you and FIGHT ON! Choose joy over sadness today!

Sleeping through your dreams

Have you ever had a long, stressful day and come home and gotten into bed to find yourself thinking of what “could be”? Thinking about things that are reachable and 100% realistic.. only to leave it inside of your thoughts or dreams?

That’s actually a lot of us. We can be living our best life possible and one night, we have a crazy amazing, God-sized vision in our sleep just to wake up the next morning and forget all about it… It’s more than typical nowadays… but what if we actually took the time to pay attention and document these dreams/visions that we have? What if God is speaking to you in your sleep and you just aren’t grasping  His Word for you?! That would be crazy right? 

Starting to listen

Maybe that’s you. You know deep down that God has placed some radical thoughts in your mind and you have just let them run through your head and fade away when you wake up to start your day. Now, I don’t expect everyone to do this, but I do encourage you to try. Whether you find yourself on your knees in prayer or dead asleep in your bed, when you hear a God-sized thought come through your mind, WAKE UP AND JOURNAL IT!

That split second decision to stop and document what you feel. that. God has placed on your life can literally change the course of history. You are called to do some amazing things in life, and God could be trying to communicate it to you… You just have to listen.

Seeing the vision

When you see the vision, start to pray over it! Circle it in prayer and ask for guidance and perseverance as He walks you through it… You can’t let your self-doubt or anyone else’s opinions sidetrack you from it. Until you feel it is clear enough to share, hold yourself accountable and share it with someone to help you stay accountable and walk through it with you!

(Reminder: You are never alone. He is with you at every moment!)

Fighting through the negativity

You will get negative feedback. Whenever you are doing something right, whether it’s in ministry or not, you will get negativity thrown your way at some point. While I encourage you to hold your tongue and ignore critics, I also encourage you to pray for them and let them know that they are loved. You can’t let anyone or anything stop you from chasing the vision. Not yourself, not your parents, NO ONE. Let God lead you and He will never leave you alone.

Trusting His timing

I’m sure while you start your journey that you will have mountains to climb and valleys to venture through but DONT LOSE HOPE. Trust His timing and believe that His Word will never fail you. When you drop everything and start your journey, there will be sacrifices and there will be hurt… But the pain will fade over the horizon and joy will follow. Just keep chasing it!

A letter from Trevor

Dear Dreamer,

This is just the beginning! God’s vision and plans for your life supersede anything you can ever dream or pursue alone. He is extravagant and the maker of the heavens and the earth and knows exactly what your purpose is. While you walk, jog, run or stop for a breather, just know that I am praying over you specifically. Yes, You! I don’t know who you are specifically but this word is especially for YOU! WAKE UP! I believe that you will succeed and that God will hold you every step of the way. Stay strong, never give up and trust Him every step of the way. 

– Trevor Tyson


Time alone with God

If your relationship with God isn't occupying your time, what is?

What rules your life?

What do you spend most of your time doing?

Playing on your phone, scrolling through social media, drinking alcohol, listening to music… What do you let rule your life?

I know that all of us would love to jump to the Sunday school answer and yell “JESUS”, but I am asking you to answer on a real level – between you and God.

If you spend the majority of your time making a difference in this world, that is GREAT! Keep it up. But if all of your time is spent putting people down or wasting time online – this message is for you. 

Find that place

“You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.” (Psalm 32:7)

Finding time for God

Finding time for God is often looked at as opening a devotion, saying a prayer and moving on with your day. But it is SO much more than that. The time you spend with God and the effort you put in to that time will benefit you more than any motivational blog post, video, or podcast ever will. Going to church on Sunday becomes a routine which is 110% supported but, in a sense, you get accustomed to it. Spending your own private time with Jesus will grow and stretch you further than you could ever imagine. The prayers you lift up and the love you pour out will be blessed… that’s a promise.

When will my blessings come?

While it won’t happen immediately, every single time, I encourage you to pray specifically. Don’t make your prayers too broad…be open and honest with Him and invite Him into your life with an open heart. Hold nothing back and trust His timing. He will provide and He will hold your passions and calling in His hands as He guides you along. Blessings are given to those who thrive and they will help you grow and fill in the gaps of your life as time goes on. Your prayers are not a microwave and God is not a genie. Plant the seed and watch your relationship with Him grow over time. Start the habit, carve out some time with Him daily and watch it grow into more time as you move forward in your relationship with Him.

The effort you put in and what to expect

Your time alone with God is your time best spent. The time spent in your Hiding Place is the time you go to escape and be alone with the Father. Whether it’s on your knees in prayer in your office, on your face alone on the kitchen floor, or driving in your car…I want to encourage you to spend more time alone there. Not posting pictures of you and your Bible in your Hiding Place, but sneaking away to be alone with Jesus and just spending time with Him. Treat your alone time with God as it was intended – together.

Find your Hiding Place

If you don’t have that place or have never prayed before, I challenge you to try it. Find a place no one knows about and go and fight your battles on your knees in your War Room and THRIVE in the love and grace that was so freely given to you. Jesus loves you and will guide you. Make time to talk and grow with Him.