Dear creator, keep creating.

When first creating your own personal brand and/or trying to create content daily, you may feel a sigh of satisfaction and really good about yourself. Millions will start, but who will actually go on the full journey to create the content that changes your generation?

"Yes! I'm finally taking the initiative to get my message out!"

But, it isn't always sunflowers and rainbows.

Creating a platform and staying on top of your brand is hard! Writing blogs, creating video content, graphic design, marketing, social media... The list of priorities keeps going on and on and on! And I'm not complaining at all, I love what I do, but, I do want to encourage you if you're struggling today.

Keep fighting through the fear of failure and the rejections and persecutions you may face. You'll never feel satisfied until you make the mental shift and tell yourself that God made you for more than a 9-5... He made you to lead others to the light.

A letter from the author:

Dear content creators,

You are more than your numbers. You're worth more than a post, tweet, video or article. I know it's hard sometimes!

Your role is NOT easy. Getting rejected for certain projects, not reaching the audience you're aiming for, gaining and losing friends over your message. It can be hard. But if you love what you're doing and are finding Jesus more and more within your creativity AND your personal life, NEVER let slow days or unliked posts leave you empty.

You are NOT your numbers and you have a purpose! Love what you do and keep PRESSING FORWARD.

I believe in you. Don't give up.