Response to suicide.

This morning, I woke up to the news of fashion designer, Kate Spade, had chosen to take her own life. A woman of fame, fortune, power, and leadership, had taken her own life.
I, along with millions of others instantly thought, “why on earth would she do something like that? She had it all!”… And I instantly remembered something someone told me a long time ago… Money can’t buy nor provide a lifetime of joy.

Now, while I pray for her children and family, I can’t help but think, 
What could have possibly lead this worldwide icon to this tragedy? Leaving behind her children, friends, and fortune. I began to wonder, if I had known Kate Spade, Chester Bennington or any human that has ever made this decision, what could I have done if I had known what they were going through?

Obviously, I would have told them that they are loved and that they don’t have to do this… But I can’t change what is done. So, How can we do our part to make sure that we are doing our part to help those thinking that it’s over for them… but that shouldn’t be the focus.

Why don’t we show others love all the time? Even on our worst of days.

Knowing that everyone that you meet or see is worth a smile, wave or a word of encouragement.
Am I saying to stop and talk to EVERYONE you see? No. I am simply stating that I believe that you can go out of your way to be a kind person. Kindness is contagious and your act of kindness can and will potentially save lives.

Let’s see the facts:
By definition, Suicide is the act of intentionally causing one’s own death.
 Suicide is something that seems to be viewed upon as something that does n’t happen everywhere and most believe that they will never have to mourn a loved one’s suicide… Until its too late. 
While you can’t go back and change the way things are, you can look for the signs and find the steps that could have prevented and healed them through whatever issue that they were facing.

The act of suicide is a REAL THING. It happens every day. So why isn’t prevention a top priority topic in our schools, churches and everyday lives? Awareness is CRUCIAL to healing. If you know how to handle a situation, it is more likely to get solved, right? (Yes.) Spread awareness and always be the best you that you can be.

You can change a life and possibly even the world.

Speak up, use your voice and know that help is always available to you.
Change is here and the high rates of suicide can drop drastically if we do our part as a community to see the signs and take action… Not because you have to but because you WANT to.
But that is where you come in. We have to use our lives as messengers to tell those who may be struggling with hidden illnesses such as depression, and to tell them that THEY HAVE TOO MUCH VALUE to make the biggest mistake of their lives. No dollar amount can replace a human life, no feeling of loneliness is too much for you to get through because you ARE STRONG. Stronger than you’ll ever know.

You are worth more than gold, cars money and anything that you can possibly own and I promise you, Your life matters. Your story isn’t over.